FT Editor

FTEditor – Formatted Text Editor, Version 2.1 [build A2987]

This compact tool is very useful, and practical, to write and to store several formatted text files. During the editing phase of a file, it allows to specify all text attributes, using an intuitive toolbar, as any common PC word processor.

This app could be used, also, as a memo, allowing taking notes on the fly and storing them.

The number files is unlimited, it depends only of the used iOS® device memory. It is also possible to transfer any stored formatted text file between used iOS® devices, via a Wi-Fi connection or via Bluetooth device pairing. Every formatted text file can be saved in RTF, compatible with most popular desktop word processors, and/or in PDF format and shared also between, not iOS®, devices or any PC sending the documents via email, thanks an integrated email composer.

What’s new [Version 2.1, 14 June 2016]

In this version have been removed some bugs and new features have been added, some improvements of the user interface have been made.