IM Simulator 2.0 for iPad

IM Simulator Version 2.0T build 9092

This app. allows examining fundamental characteristics, performing analysis both in steady-state and in transient state conditions, of a three phase induction motor. In particular to perform the transient analysis, a complex Runge Kutta solver has been implemented. The implemented solver is suitable for solving the mathematical model [5th order differential equation system] of a 3 phase asynchronous motor. In order to optimize mobile device resources some simplifying assumptions have been made on the electrical machine mathematical model. It is equipped of intelligent voice synthesizer. When the app is just installed on your device, it recognizes that it has never been used. At the first launch it shows a message that tells you: this app runs for the first time and suggest to activate the integrated vocal synthesizer, as shown in the quick reference section. At this point a synthesized voice begins to talk explaining the various features it has and how to use it. Once time that the user acquires familiarity in using it, when the app. is launched successively the voice synthesizer doesn’t start. The app. directly runs in “ready the use” mode and all vocal synthesizer controls are disabled. Only on the user request, the app offers the possibility to reactivate the synthesized voice.

What’s new [Version 2.0, 01 June 2016]

In this version some bugs have been removed and improvements of user interface have been made. Several functionalities have been improved and several ones have been added.

In the main screen of the app has been improved the audio section, now it is possible to set directly the listening position of the welcome synthesized voice by acting on the appropriate slider.

In transient analysis section have added several features concerning the zoom and the swipe, long X/Y axes of every chart in a graph window, it is also possible to show numerical results of the simulation in a table.