Vocal memo

Vocal Memo ver. 3.0 [build C1990]

Vocal memo is a small and practical electronic agenda that allows storing any event vocally in 32 different languages, also concurrently. Everything is readily available even when the app is turned off. It’s an app that allows to remember everything quickly, without watching the iOS® device screen, but simply touching it.

The app could be useful, for example, for medical purpose; in fact, it could to help you take your meds on time. If you have problems to take you pill or take too many medicines, this app was made for you.

Main features:

  • Capability to schedule an event with a repeat scheme: off, every minute, every day, every week and every month;
  • Volume regulation and language selection for any scheduled event;
  • Possibility to enable/disable a stored event without deleting it from the list;
  • Selecting the event type on which acts the vocal synthesizer when the app becomes active;
  • Customization of notification sounds/voices.

What’s new [Version 2.0, 07 February 2017]

In this version, has been added the capability to add as custom notification sound, an audio track, it is possible to record own voice and use it and use it as a reminder, or, for example, wake up in the morning with a beautiful female voice.

What’s new [Version 3.0, 07 June 2017]

In this version, is possible to modify the text of any stored event. It is possible to reschedule any stored event, every hour and/or every minute, when it is firing, acting on an appropriate ‘on fly’ menu. Ii is also possible to schedule fast events in the ranging from 1 minute to 120 minutes.Some bugs have been fixed.