Spoken Text Pro

Spoken Text Pro Version 3.0 [build 0x1B28]

This compact tool is very useful, and practical, to speak, using the internal voice synthesizer of the used IOS device, every phrase written in his text editor. This text editor allows also to vary the font size, in order to simplify the writing and/or the reading of a text. This app could be particularly useful for people with disabilities in speaking, this is the key reason because it has been developed. This tool could be useful also to learn the exact pronunciation of a chosen language, for example for a tourist during a travel/vacation in a foreign country. It is capable in synthesizing vocally any phrase, in 26 different languages, with variants concerning the Portuguese, Spanish, French and English languages, without using a data connection. At last is given also the possibility to store several predefined phrases, avoiding to write the same text when is requested to pronounce it again. The previously stored phrases, can be easily recalled by using an intuitive menu, with preview. Each stored phrase and/or texts can be replaced and/or deleted in according to own needs.

– What’s new – [Version 2.0, 26 May 2015]

Respect to the previous version, has been added a text editor capable to manage several text files. Each phrase is stored in a text file and can be recalled, by opening the file, in according to own needs. The text editor, included in the app, could, also, used as a memo and have all the functions to manage the saved files on your IOS device the functionality to store several predefined phrases, avoiding to write the same text when is requested to pronounce it again. The number of stored phrases, saved in text files, is unlimited; it depends only of the used IOS device memory. Some GUI improvements have been made and few bugs of version 1.0 have been removed.

 – What’s new – [Version 3.0, 17 March 2017]

In this version has added several important features:

  • Full iPad support;
  • Possibility to set voice speed rate of vocal synthesizer;
  • Voice synthesizer mode, now it can act on an entire document, as previous versions, or on a selected document text;
  • When the synthesizer runs, the word currently speaking is highlights in red, as a common karaoke software;
  • It is possible to perform a zoom on a selected document (only for iPad version);
  • More intuitive GUI;
  • Some bugs are removed;